Teaching lightworkers about online marketing

Money is not the problem, our ideas and thoughts about Money are.

Gandhi stated that we must be the change we wish to see in this world.

In a world filled with distractions of all sorts, Instagram here, a vine video here, Facebook Status here, new tv show that reaches out to you personally there, many Difference Makers have trouble getting any traction online or offline. So how do we change their often lofty ideals on how to change the world, and their negative mindsets towards the evil of money.

First of all, money is a tool, plain and simple, and for the moment this tool can make or break the planet. At this profusely important time in our history, our consumerist, greed oriented society is hurting our souls and our planet more than we can ever imagine. Click on the image to read my other blogpost about respecting Earth:

Feb-7 2 Gandhi - Earth satisfies everymans need


So, how can we Lightworkers, Difference Makers, Poets, Writers, Environmentalists, and more expect to compete with Multinational Giants like Monsanto, or Exxon, that have near unlimited marketing and public relations budgets, and lets not forget lobbying budgets? I will tell you, it is about branding, about the importance of your message, and most importantly how to get that message to the appropriate people and groups.


Maybe I can tell you a little more about me before pursuing my rant. Since I was a teenager I have been into science fiction and the future, gobbling up any Sci-Fi show or movie, like Star Wars, Star Trek, and many more lesser known fare. I was also fascinated with nature from a young age, watching National Geographics shows and Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, perhaps you remember it, and so I really learned to love nature early on in my life.

As I entered College in Sciences, I started to get involved in the Environmental cause, and learned a lot about activism, teaching, global warming, and a variety of causes and problems related to the pollution of our air, water and soil. After presiding over the Colleges Environmental group and afterwards my Universities’ Environmental group, I became part of the Administration of a province wide environmental education group called Environment Jeunesse, or Youth Environment, which had as a main goal: the education of the Province’s youth on all matters of Environmental Education, like the 3Rs, (Recycling, Reusing, Reducing (consumption)), energy efficiency, climate change, Composting, and many other environmental activities that can alleviate our carbon and environmental footprint on the planet. I delved deeply into the subject, reading tons of material, from Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and Earth in the Balance, to David Suzuki (one of my heroes) , the producer and host of CBC’s The Nature of Things, one of the finest most enlightening TV shows ever.

I studied in Commerce in University and saw how one sided this education was, not ever criticizing Capitalism or our culture of Greed, and decided to follow a class from an authentic genius called Omar Aktouf who saw things as they were, not as the dominant culture had indoctrinated us to believe, as he presented the short film Roger and Me by Michael Moore in his first class, a rough portrayal of the destruction of the auto industry in Flint, Michigan, and how it affected the entire community. I finally found my eyes reopened after the pure hogwash and brainwash of the previous years of commerce education. I then followed a Masters Course of one year, without the Memoir, about Environmental Studies, and found my passion, no my calling.

Not having a scientific background, I could not find any work in the field, so I kind of fell into the world of Sales and Marketing, working in the Service sectors mostly: Educational Tours, Language Classes, Personnel and Headhunting services, and Technological sales and marketing have made up my 20+ year career. Recently I found my calling once again, and it was to help awaken humanity of this illusory world, to wake up to their true infinite nature. And my goals are to spread the good word via some pages:


Aug-23 With me in NY
Enter a caption

Mar-3-17 Alan Watts 3 Quote Cover




Utilizing these pages to share uplifting, motivational and spiritual posts combined with my sales and marketing expertise and using Empower Network and IPas2 formula’s to learn and expand my online influence, I hope I can help you expand the same knowledge and learn that by investing in you, and your dreams, everybody wins, especially humanity. Please make sure you give them a like also!

As Picasso stated: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ~Pablo Picasso

Jan-28 3 Oct-14-15 Mar-22 2 RP SH “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ~Pablo Picasso


So my goal for 2015 and on is to help anybody who is looking for more meaning in their life find their gifts and to teach them HOW to share it with the world, through marketing, blogging, and of course sharing!


Please leave a comment below or share this content if you have found value in it!

2 thoughts on “Teaching lightworkers about online marketing

  1. Bruce Keiffer

    I was pleased to read your post and your background experience to. I also come from a very strong background of sales and marketing in both the corporate world and for the last many years as my own business owner in the merchant account arena. Like you, there is another side of me that keeps getting called back as well, so I can identify with your thoughts on it. Thanks for your post.



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