My purpose is to serve

As Robert Kiyosaki states,

Change your focus from making money to serving more people makes the money come in.

My purpose is to Serve, what does this even mean? Serve who? Serve what? Serve your heart’s desires, but not your heart’s whims, meaning serving a deeper purpose and more profound truth, yours!

How do you find this deeper truth? As you search inside you awaken to it, and yes we are all perfect now with our imperfections, but I believe that we can become much more than our thoughts and basic desires. I also believe that we should strive for more, evolution did not stop when we grew opposable thumbs.

Sometimes I think opposable thumbs were invented so teenage girls could use text messaging.

Diane Lane

Living your truth

As for me personally, I have found what it is to live by my truth; it is to allow and aid others to reach their full potential and to help this planet and it’s inhabitant to take the next step or giant leap in human evolution.

It is to allow the mind to reach its full capacity, so humanity can truly reach for the stars as we have brought peace to all corners of our planet. The idea here is that before going off exploring the stars, shouldn’t we take care of our Earthly problems first, and most urgently:

  1. Famine
  2. Slavery
  3. Bigotry
  4. Racism
  5. Hatred
  6. Fear
  7. War
  8. Environmental degradation (Species extinction, pollution, climate change. etc)

One of the main sources of these problems is division, is to label us, to not allow us the freedom to express ourselves in a non-conforming way, as society and culture always try to keep us in its grasp, its clutches. We must not allow our spirits to be degraded to the point where life just becomes a repetitive cycle till our end game. We must be brave. courageous to heed the calls of our purpose. We must of course first find it, to live it!

If we find what moves us in the depths of our souls, we may finally find true happiness in the doing, in the becoming, so that our journey becomes our life, not our destination.

Are you heeding your call to adventure?

Apr-11 6 With quote

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, ao as to accept the life that is waiting for us. “ -Joseph Campbell

 We are all here for a purpose. “No matter what he does, every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world. And normally he doesn’t know it.”

-Paulo Coelho

The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.

Albert Schweitzer

If you have ever had a dream of a different kind of life, a life that you live on Purpose, we can help you learn how to brand yourself and your dream to the right people.

Don’t be afraid,. just start, just begin!

6 thoughts on “My purpose is to serve

      1. Ruby

        I loved it Stephane St- St-Pierre , I hadn’t read the blog post , but I’m glad you pointed it out to me! Just what I needed to remember about!


    1. Stephane St-pierre

      Thanks Francis, did you happen to click on the video at the bottom of the post?
      If you want to learn to blog for money about whatever YOU LOVE, I would love to have you onboard!!!


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