Is your life inspiring


Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it’s inspiring.

Are you happy?

I mean genuinely happy?
Not just happy when you finish your shift, or happy while your watching the game on the weekend, or happy when you see your wife or husband.
I mean are you deep down a happy person?

Most people will say I don’t really know?
People often wonder if this is really what life is about:
work, play, sleep, repeat?
Then retire for not very much and just fade away…

Is this what you were put on this Earth for?

Or do you, and everyone, have a purpose? 

I believe we are put on this Planet for a reason, first and foremost is to live in Love, but we have forgotten this in our pursuit of happiness, to just be happy…

Why is this, with the pace of the world ever increasing so no one really has time to contemplate on the big questions, like why are we here, what are we working for, are we spending enough quality time with our kids and spouses?

What is going on now in society, yes I believe there is an awakening going on, but will it happen before we sabotage all of Earth’s life support system, the clock truly is at 11:59 and it is ticking fast to the point where our society may not be recognizable in 10-20 years…

The faster we wake up to the fact that We are One, and that every action, word or thought we have affects the whole in ways we are just barely beginning to understand, the faster we may be able to course correct, and truly create a sustainable, happy future full of abundance to all.

Happy Sunday Shifters and I wish a speedy and fulfilling awakening to your deeper self and life purpose.

Let’s all #BetheChange we have been searching for!

Namaste. for my awakening page. for business and inspirational page.


Aug-14 2 The Privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. - Carl Jung



Aug-30 1 At any moment, the decision you make can change the course of your lfe forever. -Anthony Robbins


8 thoughts on “Is your life inspiring

  1. CJ

    Thank You so much for keeping this real and making this true to each of us. This is a great blog and great content thank you for delivering.


  2. Cody Lampe

    Yes. Totally agree that everyone was destined for a divine purpose. Thanks for such a great blog! Looking forward to more from you!


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