Deep ecology and my initial awakening (pt 1)

This book project was put on hold about a year ago when I lost my awakening Facebook page, Shift-Happens, which was nearing 100k followers! I was going to use it as a platform to promote/sell my book and once it disappeared, my focus shifted to rebuilding my online platform and presence, so recently I decided to pursue my e-book, but in installments and sharing it on my blog.

Perhaps when it is done, with some collaborators probably, I may put it up for sale, at a low cost, in the 5-10$ range on Amazon, or Kindle. Let’s dive right in.

So here is my first book excerpt (part of Chapter 1).

Deep ecology and my initial awakening (part 1) – My early life

Knowlton, Circa 1970s

1 My childhood home
My childhood home

Growing up in a small town called Knowlton in the 1970s was an interesting experience, to say the least. With a population of about 1000 inhabitants at the time, I was an only child, quite the loner and was always very in tune with nature and the forest, spending much of my free time wandering the forests around my house. I would climb to the top of a 50-foot pine so I could have an unencumbered view of our beautiful Brome Lake less than half a mile away. The swaying of the treetops from the mild summer breezes would give me some exhilaration but so would the breathtaking view and the thrill and danger of being so high up.


3 My Christening
My Christening, parents to the left, godparents and grandpa to the right.

My Catholic upbringing was also an important part of my childhood, being indoctrinated into the worlds’ largest religion was not of my choosing, as it hardly ever is, and not much to my liking either. I always found the religious teachings so limiting, and suffering was also a constant in so much of their doctrine. Now, I can understand how suffering is a part of life even if I did have a relatively happy childhood.

<Indoctrinating kids into a Religion before they’re old enough to think or discern for themselves is a form of child abuse.> – Tony Sayers

4 Who's that cutie pie
During happier times!
5 Who loves you daddy
Who loves you, daddy?
6 Playtime!
Loved those train Sets!

My parents Jocelyne and Jean-Paul were not very close, my mom taking care of the house and me. My dad would be working long hours during the day in the family construction business and elsewhere, like the generation of boomers were renowned for, and drinking long hours into the evening and night. Hardly ever showing his face at home

2 Dad and one of his favorite toys
One of my dads’ favorite ‘Toys”

except for occasional weekend sightings, my dad did not offer his value as presence but as presents, always showering us with gifts, especially Xmas time when I was really a spoiled little brat! Did I mention I was an only child?

Parents’ separation and divorce, Circa the early 80s, troubled waters

My first major life crisis was in the early 80s when my parents finally separated. I remember this being one of the hardest periods of my life even up to date. It was a period of much introspection, even more so than usual, but it was a period where I started to find myself, what I loved and having first glimpses of my calling.

End of Part 1.

Look out for part 2 in about a week.

This e-book project (at least my portion of it) will be about 50-100 pages by the time I am done. Right now I have 15-20 written in my first draft.

Please share and comment below perhaps about your own childhood, for example. 

Thank you for your presence!

4 thoughts on “Deep ecology and my initial awakening (pt 1)

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  2. Jailan Elsarha

    very capturing story … love how you are living your moment and describing your childhood freely. i felt like I’m there with you. Authentic writer. i still can sense you are not tapping into some details, when it came to a painful side of you. like your relationship with your dad and the divorce. I like it , and I appreciate your opening and sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment! It is true I haven’t divulged all of my secrets just yet. I need to keep some suspense for my next book! Also, my early life is just to give an idea of where I come from as the book is really about my philosophy on life and awakening process! ❤


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