DEWs, 5G, Transhumanism, and the coming Borg Collective (…)

At least that is their ultimate plan (Agenda 21/2030…)


I found this comment on another post, I can’t locate this man on fb but what he has to say gives pause.

“”There are reports of a fine dusty powder that hangs in the air a little longer than regular dust along the I-5 corridor and fires in California.
For those of you in California I believe you are being sprayed with a military grade Thermite powder that is magnesium and aluminum heavy. (CORRECTION) —-> Pacific Gas & Electric PGE has been conducting ‘cloud seeding’ rocket launches along the same path as the high speed rail project.

This particular kind of powder is what is used in much of the armor that is on our military vehicles as a safeguard to ensure sensitive equipment does not fall into the enemies hands. We had standing orders and each of us was issued an incendiary Grenade in the event that our vehicle became disabled and unrecoverable.

The chain reaction of the magnesium and carbon dioxide would get super hot, melting the entire vehicle into a pool of molten aluminum.
This powder sticks to anything that is not growing out of the earth – metal, houses, cars, structures.
It has been used on our people to specifically burn physical property which explains why the forest fires ‘forgot to burn the forest’.

A Direct Energy Weapon (DEW) is only needed long enough to ignite the chain reaction of the magnesium and it will burn very hot and very fast.
It takes less than 20 minutes to melt an entire vehicle with armor, steel, and aluminum so imagine a thin layer of fine dust being ignited.

It will burn until there is no more magnesium left, leaving the finer aluminum particles to be carried into the water and air and it looks like wood ash.
Aluminum is best known for its ability to give its electrons away freely and easily replaced with another. This is why we can use it in fires and for cooking. In this fine nano form dust, it will be breathed in with smoke or when it gets kicked up by wildlife or humans or wind. Once inside the body the excessively charged nano particle gives the excess electrons to things like viruses and sicknesses that are more acidic PH based. This balances the aluminum nano particle which then enters the bloodstream and heads to the brain. In the brain it then stops and builds up in stronger neural synaptic signal areas. After a certain amount of buildup neural short circuits occur. This changes your ability to do certain functions or think certain ways. It reroutes the information to other parts of the brain and body.

I am certain that you can figure out the rest of this genocide plan to depopulate and to use vaccines and medical harvesting hospitals to see the plan.
The fires are just the distractions and idea to get people to be weary and tired and to scatter, only to reconsolidate in bigger cities.

What could possibly go wrong in a big city along the coastal areas? Along the San Andreas faultline?

We the people have the power to stop this. You just gotta stand up.

Be the loudest voice for the people.
Stop the utility companies, the minions of Rockefeller’s mafia.”

~~~Michael John Nashif”


For Our hearing impaired Compatriots in Struggle》here’s the text from this Ed Burns classic Parody》from the last go-around of arson earlier this Summer》no doubt “much truth is said in jest”》Confucius I do believe.

Hi, my name is Ed, ppl ask me here at pg&e how did you guys really start the wildfires… overgrown tress in the power lines…?, heck no, it aint easy burn’n down 100’s of houses, it’s real high tech》1st & foremost ya gotta make sure all your houses have smart meters, that’s crucial》next, on the night your gonna burn ya gotta Chemtrail heavily, that makes the air more conductive》next, turn up your cell towers to high, that’s right crank them puppy’s up as high as they’ll go》 w/Chemtrails this electrifies the air & gives those beautiful tiny lil blue sparks 》now, have local haarp create a strong wind & the final stroke, boost up those smart meters, that’s right, dint be shy, turn’em up all the way…this turns houses into toast….only really cost Us 77 cell towers & some underground cable…but don’t try this at home, We’re Professionals (End of Ed Commentary) then overdub deep voice comes on & says》 “another Wild Child Utility….no shit “

I do blv there’s another slightly different/updated version out there too….instead of Wild Child it says another Rothschild Utility…I think….of course we know all Utility’s are indeed owned by the Rothschild Crime Syndicate Fam.

Hope this helps Our hearing impaired Compatriots in Struggle fight this War vs the Globalist /Elites Agenda


PG&E Admits Starting California Wildfires! Important Info for Opting Out


PG&E Documents: Use DEW Against Northern California; Tavares Said Last Year; “It Will Happen, Again”


DEWs, Smart meters, … 5G coming soon…


The pieces of the California firestorm puzzle are slowly being put into their proper place. The photo below is a crucial piece of that puzzle.

Notice the houses — ONLY — are destroyed; not burned to the ground, mind you, rather they are imploded which causes them to collapse in on themselves with great force and destruction.

Also, notice how the trees and grass and streets and sidewalks show no evidence whatsoever of fire damage. That’s because there was no fire … and certainly not a wildfire anywhere near that residential subdivision.

So what’s really going on here?

Read more:

Via Carolee Merrill​

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