Preface, acknowledgment and Intro to Covid and Me…


As this is my third book, and belonging to a trilogy that may just keep going, as I’ve just started scratching the surface of the System of Control on Prison Planet Earth, in this Grey (Darkish) Edition.

I was planning on releasing this book back in Spring or Summer 2020, but then something mysterious happened, the world literally stopped for a plandemic that was planned just months earlier at Event 201, and it sidetracked my plans to continue on the vein of light, and started wanting to look at the numerous shades of Grey in the present reality, where lies fill the airwaves and social media, and truths are being fact-checked and censored to oblivion across all platforms…

So, the format is a little more geared towards the random musings, or in this case many related articles by me and other contributors (named later) related to our control structure, and also about this scam of biblical proportions, even eerily similar to many parts of Revelations itself!

So some of the wisdom teachers are in here and others will be in future books, like Julian Assange back in the spotlight once again!

As requested, I’ve again added more of my own musings in every chapter and more of my original blogposts and material.

I will keep this part short as there is tons of material to digest in this book and will let you get to it!


As always there are a number of people to thank when you put together a book like this, and I will start once again with my loving Partner, Elizabeth Brown, who now does more and more massage and energy healing, Reiki, for anyone interested in and around the Eastern Townships of Quebec. I would like to mention to, that my Love Elizabeth has also translated my first book in French, and once I’m done with this book, I will put it together and edit it in French. I would again like to thank as the main supplier of these quotes and a great reference area to learn more about authors, quotes, books, etc. I should be opening up my own page there anytime now…still not done… I want to thank all of the contributors that allowed me the pleasure to include these wise selections in this, I believe my best work yet!


I am writing this intro to my Book Treis, after returning from my second southern vacation in the last ten years, and surprisingly my best year financially in the same period. Thus, our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which was just the BREATH OF FRESH AIR needed to continue my work in developing the human spirit, and humanities evolution and emancipation from Prison Planet Earth! I have enjoyed, Sun, Surf, Fun, and human interaction and touch, that our controllers are trying to take away from us, and are doing so more day after day, month after month, all becoming more like Groundhog Day than the last… I am now well rested, purposeful, and am channelling my righteous anger to expose their plans, and schemes, and pushing for a true emancipation for us all!

Some points I want to make and early, whether there is a novel virus or not is of NO IMPORTANCE, at this point, THE IMPORTANT POINT is that the lockdowns, and all the other totalitarian reactions taken by our ‘leaders’ are all in lockstep and are here to usher in the fourth industrial revolution, the Great Reset and Agenda 21/2030, all nefarious satanic, sycophantic plans to imprison us in a frequency prison so we can NEVER EVER REVOLT AGAIN…

To paraphrase my last books intro: I am writing this with a much fuller appreciation of what makes life worth living, family, friends, connection, and realize I too am caught in this head centric culture that glorifies consumption, separation and division, and the narcissistic idealization of busyness, to the detriment of heart, and soul, and will add that, this is what our true controllers, not the politicians who are all selected actors (Trump?), want to do to us in the coming months and years and is very much explored in the not so random musings in the second and larger portion of this endeavor…

What this book represents for me is a continuation of my appreciation of some of the wisest who have lived amongst us and my continuing exploration of this reality that is not what it seems, or limited to what is perceived from our regular senses. The Matrix is pushing back now as people were awakening in 2019 with the populist (I think) Yellow Vest movement, and the Free Hong Kong Movement, and we must realize that we are so much more, and I hope that this book can allow you to start realizing this for yourselves! It is also always about truth, wherever this may lead me in my explorations and discoveries!

So please let the truth set you free, but also understand that it will piss you off first!

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have writing and compiling it!

And please remember WE GOT THIS!

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