The Iceman, Win Hoff



Wim Hof has fascinated me for a long time and learning about how we need to stop separating our consciousness from our bodies and embody our spirituality like Philip Shepherd states and who is in my last book, #musings2. Considering stress and fear (beer anyone?) are lowering our vibrations and keeping us anxious and diminishing the responses and effectiveness of our immune systems, I thought this was an awesome addition to my third (and final?) book in my #Musings trilogy…

Hope you enjoy it!

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Willpower isn’t that the trick right, to be able to be in control of our emotions, and our bodies, breathing is definitely a good way to better control our health and our responses to viruses and illness, and of course the onslaught of fear-porn thrown at us every day and every minute with the news, advertising, movies, shows, images,…

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Wim Hof holds over 20 extreme Guinness World Records and is coming to FitFest Vancouver‼️🏅


Wim’s records include withstanding extreme temperatures, he has climbed Everest and Kilimanjaro in only shorts and shoes, stays comfortably in ice baths for hours and runs a full marathon in the hottest desert with no water!

He attributes these feats to his Wim Hof Method (WHM), a combination of frequent cold exposure, breathing techniques and meditation.

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Breathing (Via Wiki)

There are many variations of the breathing method.

The basic version consists of three phases as follows:

Controlled hyperventilation: The first phase involves 30 cycles of breathing. Each cycle goes as follows: take a powerful breath in, fully filling the lungs. Breathe out by passively releasing the breath, but not actively exhaling. Repeat this cycle at a steady pace thirty times. Hof says that this form of hyperventilation may lead to tingling sensations or light-headedness.

Exhalation: After completion of the 30 cycles of controlled hyperventilation, take another deep breath in, and let it out completely. Hold the breath (with lungs empty) for as long as possible.

Breath retention: When strong urges to breathe occur, take a full deep breath in. Hold the breath for around 15 – 20 seconds and let it go. The body may experience a normal head-rush sensation.

These three phases may be repeated for three consecutive rounds.

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The adrenaline goes up as we are exposed to the cold, and the adrenaline awakens the body. It peaks, and then it brings the cortisol level right down.

Our chronic diseases are caused by oxidative stress, and the continuous presence of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. The controlled adrenaline rush in our body during a cold shower brings the cortisol level right back down after the experience.

Cortisol is a big problem in modern society because we have a lot of stress, and it does not go away, because we keep on going. Our mind says, “Oh I have to do this! I have to do that!..and that!…and that!” The cortisol will not stop.

So, when you take a cold shower, the fight or flight system breaks down, as the adrenaline level will shoot up and drop back down. And all the stress hormones go down with the adrenaline.

It is very simple. You will feel a lot better, much more tranquil. You will go from sympathetic nervous system activity to parasympathetic nervous system activity, which is the system that’s activated when you’re resting and digesting.”


“Our breathing has become very shallow. So, with the kind of breathing we do with the Wim Hof Method, we can deeply change the chemistry of our body. It has been shown through science. Breathing helps to alkalize the blood, and that is very good for the nervous system, because alkalinity makes the electricity in the blood work more efficiently. We are like alchemists, we change the chemistry of the body, and bring “light” into it. Breathing deeper also feeds into the cells’ biology. We are able to alkalize our blood within 20 minutes.”


“The breath knows how to go deeper than the mind”


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Inhale LOVE. Love is the greatest power in the universe. It is the energy that connects you with your soul. Celebrate LOVE with every breath – X

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This trick reduces stress, anxiety, and depression | Wim Hof:[2]

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MIND over MATTER -> BRAIN over BODY. We can battle stress, in any way, with the POWER of our own MIND – X


If you want to stay up to date with all the latest scientific researches on the Wim Hof Method make sure to check out the Science page on his website:[3]

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Joe Rogan Experience #712 – Wim Hof[4]

SOME HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE VIDEO (but still worth seeing!).

The answer is not in the head as he searched for years to find the meaning of life and deeper truths, but in the integration of mind and body.

Discusses Chakras, Chi,

He is 55 but has the body and health of a 31-year-old.

COLD is his God, he has never had a guru or mentor.

His wife killed herself because of depression, and Win discusses how unnatural our system is now, how we serve the system, and this system does not serve us…

“Living in harmony with nature brings happiness, strength and health for all living creatures on this planet.”

The cold made me instantly understand from the inside. When you feel it, you feel it. It is like falling in love; it requires no explanation. Just breathe – X


[2] (12min)


[4] (2h24m)

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