J@b info+++…

I’ve compiled pics and testimonials from different Jab reaction groups from Facebook, Telegram, Twitter and online in general and added a few stats, a few memes and a lot of info about what truly is going on, on Prison Planet Earth. Pass it around to those you love and want to make sure they remain protected during this mega PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION, and protect yourself!!! Shedding seems to be a thing also…so be aware please, and TURN OFF YOUR FUKIN TV!



We have been lied to, from the beginning of our lives until now. It is all a lie, once you’ve realized this first truth, you can BEGIN to INNERSTAND where we are at in our civilizational “Evolution”.

This is the turning point, possibly the last chance humanity has to free itself from the clutches of its entrapment. If we fail in this MASS AWAKENING, we will be plugged into the Borg Hive mind, you may have noticed we are already nearly there, and their Great Reset will materialize, and you will own nothing, and you will be nothing.

Once you’ve browse through these 300 pages that just barely touch this whole concept of Prison Planet Earth and how we got to this point in time, it will be time for you to put your money where your mouth is and start awakening more and helping your entourage, friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, town hall meetings, school board meetings, do the same.

The time is NOW, there is never any other time, so what say you?

It’s our time. It’s our PLANET. It’s our HOME, won’t you fight for it?


7 thoughts on “J@b info+++…

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  3. Adrienne

    I will refuse to comply with mandates from Newsome! Yes I am from California, 4th generation! I would leave if I could! Newsome, Pelosi ( his aunt), Waters and Kamala Harris have all had a hand in destroying our Beautiful State! Their sanctuary cities are harboring gangs! Drug dealers, sex trafficking and the dregs of the earth, are rampant! They are in control of everything that is destroying California! I will not give up my guns, I will not be vaccinated with your poison vaccine, and I will fight for my freedom! God is on my side, and he won’t let me down! I pray that Our president Trump, will be in the White House where he belongs!

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    1. Thanks for the comment, I feel you, I am in Quebec the most fascists, commie Canadian Province, just like your California… I truly do get it… Make sure you follow the blog and I am about to update the PDF again with 30 more pages about, so keep an eye out for that!


  4. People still don’t get it whether it’s Joe Biden or Donald Trump they are all a part of this and God is using Donald Trump, really need to put your trust in God and not those two. Because God told me this year he said to me don’t worry, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are not human, they are clones. So forget about the White House forget about them. And put your whole trust in GOD!


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