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Modern truthers

i)          Jason Christoff

Jason Christoff has been popping up again on my feed and from friends’ shares, so I decided to revisit this health and addiction coach and fellow canuck from Cornwall, Ontario, and find that we do have many common thought patterns, like for example how we are all slaves and how they control us by keeping us in fear… He is very much anti-establishment, and I feel right now that we are in for the fight of our lives, literally and so he fits perfectly into my darker (grey) edition…

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Lotto Fever?

“The slave class drowns in the mind control programs of “the love of money is the root of all evil”, “if it’s too good to be true, it usually is” or “you can’t have it all” …and there’s plenty more hypno mind control programming where that came from. If you hear these dis-empowering “spells” just a couple of times inside the society, you live in….. your subconscious makes permanent recordings of those phrases to repeat inside your own head. This means you end up being poor, you stay poor and you become very confused about being poor because you don’t really enjoy being poor……but regardless of what you do, things never change. This is because conventional religion mastered mind control by 600 AD and “they” morphed into what we now call government. Our brains literally have no choice but to take the repetitive messages in our subconscious as direct commands. Being poor and working repetitive, futile, meaningless, and boring jobs can generate great frustration in the mind controlled super slave. That is where the lotto enters the picture, so the slave can dream his frustration away, believing one day the money will arrive to save the day…….but for now, all the slave can do is keep working away, rarely understanding who he really is or what he’s really doing here. That means the score always stays MASTER 5 and SLAVE 0.”

MUSING: we have been programmed to be docile, order followers for millennia and possibly much longer by our controllers, and I feel we are approaching their endgame now, as we have started to become unruly, and in many countries have started revolting in the streets. All of a sudden we have a deadly Coronavirus outbreak (like we have every few years, Avian Flu, Swine Flu, etc…) and bam, no one in the streets anymore, martial law and quarantines/lockdowns in cities going on, revolution controlled… We must realize that the ruling class has never done anything for us, it has ALWAYS been to forward their own agenda of control.

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“Here’s Your Cure For All Media and Government Fear Lie-ahria

Without fabricated fear there can be no corrupt government. Know the game. … ISIS, IS, ISIL, terrorists, Al-Qaeda, Ebola, coronavirus, Zika, swine flu, measles, SARS, bird flu, Muslims, killer bees, HIV, AIDS, communism, the Soviet Union, Khmer Rouge, sunlight, the unvaccinated, the devil, Satan, sin, hell, Osama Bin Laden, saturated fat, polio, the hole in the ozone layer, high cholesterol, salt, high blood pressure, ticks, global warming, climate change, acid rain, rising sea levels, West Nile virus, Charlie Hebdo, 9/11, the flesh eating disease, shingles, mad cow, Avian bird flu, Y2K, e-coli, the shoe bomber, the gas shortage, listeria, anthrax, Epstein-barr, MTHFR, Jeffery Epstein, Trump, H1N1, the flu, the war on terror, gun control, bump stocks, community standards, Brexit, stock market crash, AR-15’s, whooping cough, tainted blood, Lyme, the red scare, Iran hostages, Saddam Hussein, weapons of mass destruction, Ayatollah Khomeini, unprotected sex, ICBM’s, the Taliban, WW III, the DNC emails, impeachment etc.”

MUSING: Speaking of control, their primary tool for this has always been FEAR, fear of the other, of the unknown, of the uncomfortable, of the germs, of the races, of, of, of,… and the most scary thing of all is the fear of death itself…

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The Queen owns the majority share of this company…

Q is for the Queen’s Qinetiq – Coronavirus Patent (Mirror):[1]

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“Dealing With My Fear of Death….

I told a wise man recently that I was afraid of death and he said, “so, you think of death more now as you get older, correct?” and I said, “yes, the older I get the more death occupies my mind.” and he said, “are you aware that every great psychologists and philosophers in our ancient history has described this as a gift. Only a man who fears death will hurry up and produce the great works that lay trapped inside him. So hurry up Jason and get out what you need to say, write the books you need to write and talk to the crowds you need to talk to…….because your time here is limited. Most people are too cowardly to face death as the ultimate motivator and tool for passionate living. To fear death is to guarantee you achieve greatness while you are here. Get out as much creative work as you can because only then will you rest in peace when your day comes.” Another wise man told me last week as well “if you fear death, it means you’ve never lived…..so go out and start living and make your dreams come true, so that when you lie on your death bed, it’s all been done.” MUSING: so this is another reason why I’ve decided to stop following the next shiny object or opportunity as I have for the past years with my foray into blogging, personal development, healthy coffee with Ganoderma, and then my pretty big Crypto fail in 2018, I’ve decided to pursue my own passions and writing about the truth, about how we’ve been lied to forever, and to uncover the reality we are living in, in all dimensions and using all of my faculties including my gut and my intuition!




[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hQLWLtk6ro (1h03)

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