I’m relatively new to anarchism, but it does seem better than state run terrorism everywhere…

Litteral Truth

By Jack Spirko

In Anarchy, wouldn’t armed thugs take over society? Really? I want to be very clear before I start answering this; there’s a lot of people in the world of anarchism that are big cop bashers, every cop is a bastard or whatever; every cop is evil. There’s no good cops, whatever, that’s not me. I look at it this way, we are all human beings walking a path, and multiple paths we walk is based on the hand we have been dealt up to this point by life. And there are a lot of guys out there that are good men, good women. They’re doing the best they can, they’ve chosen law enforcement. You probably weren’t born an anarchist. I wasn’t born and an anarchist. The fact that I became an anarchist about seven years ago, means that I have lived most of my life as a…

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