Pursuing Freedom For All!

Common law is a subject I will be exploring in my fourth book, Covid me and the technocracy, my third book, is available now!

Are you tired of working to “pay bills”?

The Courts Are Not Being Accessed Properly

Law and justice concept – time for equity…Lady Justice time to remove the blind fold and remove corruption in the “Court Room” and see that everyone knows the “Due Process of Law!

More and more people are waking up to the fact that our experience of life is not what first meets the eye. Once we step back and have a good look we realize that we have been lied to about everything and have been manipulated for a very very very long time.

Ann G Young wrote the following message on Facebook, ” The Evil running this place is ALWAYS experimenting on us for a better Genetic Breed they can use… i.e., this is what their Eugenics is, and so MUCH MORE… You name the suffering “ailment”, “affliction”, “diagnoses”, it is all them!!!


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