End The “Propaganda Machine”

Great blog to understand what’s going on, and why!

It is odd that we do not see how we are “perpetuating” the “Propaganda Machine” when we do not have spiritual insight.

We encourage you to watch the following video titled “The Plot to Steal America” and just sit back and observe this video and see if you can see the lie behind the lie. This is “Double Jeopardy”. It requires one to know how we have all been hoodwinked, bamboozled, thoroughly captivated by the and accepting in the “matrix of lies”.

This “Propaganda Machine Video” was published on December 20, 2020. Perhaps, with everything that has transpired more people are willing to take pause and realize that we have been lied to about well “everything”. Do you realize not seeing the “Propaganda Machine” is putting your life at risk?

It is all one “Big Performance” and Mr. Trumpster is very much in on it!!

For those of us with…

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