Non-Compliance is Not Good Enough

Amen, there is no flight, only fight!!

Litteral Truth

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Non-Compliance is Not Good Enough

August 1, 2021


“We are up against consummate evil; they want us dead.
If everybody decides to fight back we’ll get the job done,
even in the face of their “weapons of mass destruction.”

Seven billion is a very big number, and yes, many or us will die,
but likely with soul intact.”
G is an American woman in her seventies.

by G

Re:“Mass noncompliance is all that is necessary to stop Covid Communism.”
(Book of Revelation – Human Genocide Marketed as Prophecy)

Two years ago I might have resonatedwith this, and though the author makes some powerful points, I think this “non-compliance” stance is naive.

Look around the world at all the protests and uprisings, all the sign-holding, all the appeals at town halls and city council meetings, all the accredited scientists and other professionals exposing the lies…

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