Covid Hoax Proves Most People are Zombies

Yep we are definitely in the zombie apocalyspe!!!

Litteral Truth

Mike Stone – Covid Hoax Proves Most People are Zombies

August 6, 2021


Zombie – noun

1 a corpse said to be reanimated by witchcraft, capable of movement but not rational thought.

2 a tall mixed drink consisting of rum, liqueur and fruit juice.

Is your neighborhood littered with zombies? Mine is. And I mean that literally.

Your opinion requested: Should we disparage people who believe the media lies?


by Mike Stone(

Like reanimated corpses, my neighborshave been brought back to life by demonic possession.

Like traditional zombies, they are capable of movement, but not rational thought. So they walk the streets, wearing face masks to protect themselves from an imaginary virus. Try explaining to them how their entire life is now being manipulated by an illusion and they flee in terror.
On more than one occasion they have seen me walking mask-less down the sidewalk in…

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