When Government Goes Rogue

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When Government Goes Rogue

August 23, 2021


Re.”Our grave concerns about the handling of the COVID pandemic by Governments of the Nations of the UK. We write as concerned doctors, nurses, and other allied healthcare professionals with no vested interest in doing so. To the contrary, we face personal risk in relation to our employment for doing so and / or the risk of being personally “smeared” by those who inevitably will not like us speaking out.

This little-knownletter from 133 courageous doctors, nurses, paramedics and midwives to Heads of State in the UKdemonstrates that many governments have gone rogue using the scamdemic as a pretext.

Makow comment-Governments go rogue when they are subverted by Freemasons (Satanists) empowered by the Masonic Jewish banking cartelthat controls government credit and currency.The endgame isthe CommunistAgenda 2030 apparently. How will the “vaccines” help them get from here to there?

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