Like Jonestown, Covid is Simply a Mass Poisoning Event

Good info as usual, and I agree 100%

Litteral Truth

Robin Watson — Like Jonestown, Covid is Simply a Mass Poisoning Event


For now, make no mistake, this is Eugenics in Hyper-drive. For hidden randomly in batches of vaccines was Graphene oxide, a toxic payload which will in most circumstances prove fatal. Exposure to this substance produces all the symptoms of Covid, It is also been reported in nasal swabs, masks and other items. The people were catching Covid symptoms from the very masks that they were wearing to protect them. This was then to be amplified with nasal swabs and finally made terminal with the vaccine.

Rob Watson is a self taught researcher in Australia. He worked as a professional photographer, later as an imaging consultant. advising many government clients. His take-away on the Covid crisis is that unfortunately a great many will die as a result of humanity putting their trust in governments. The multitude of people that…

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