Michael Tsarion, sample of C@vid and Me

  1. Michael Tsarion

is a fascinating modern researcher on all things esoteric and related to power…

He is an expert on the occult histories of Ireland and America. He is the author of the acclaimed books Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation, Astro-Theology and Sidereal Mythology, The Irish Origins of Civilization, The Trees of Life: Exposing the Art of Holy Deception, and Disciples of the Mysterium.

Michael Tsarion – Female Illuminati Interview May 2015[1]

We discuss his thesis and get into some fine details about secret societies, symbolism, the positive female groups of history, the battle of the sexes, etymology, religion, the occult and more.


He had been concentrating a lot on the Patriarchy and symbolism, and noticed a lot of female symbolism, and so wrote an extensive book on the subject.

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β€œIf a man does not take it into his own mind to discover what he knows has been kept from him, he will merrily continue believing what his neighbors believe, and rarely question the ideas of reality he imagines serve the physical and emotional needs of his pseudo-self.”

― Michael Tsarion, The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume One

MUSING: the only truths that are important for you are the truths that you understand and can apply to your own life. So, when you meet someone with Cognitive Dissonance that cannot see behind his own conditioning than you can begin to see how many lies, we have been fed and that we so blindly accept.

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β€œTo the Druids, a man was not separate from the universe or born into it from elsewhere. He was, like the trees and their leaves and blooms, part of nature. As a flower breaks out from a twig, so does man appear in the world from the womb of the universal mother. Man is an embodiment and emanation of nature. Consequently, a man who felt himself apart from nature was considered unsane. This was the law of the Druids and of Shaman everywhere. Perverted men were sacrificed to save the tribe from calamity. Trees are capable of producing sour and rotten fruit and, likewise, civilizations produce sour and rotten men and women who constitute a hazard to themselves and everyone around them. Thus, rites of initiation were instigated to make sure the impure had no chance of attaining positions of power. The removal of these strict telestic rites gave mentally and morally toxic men access to the thrones of the world. Once in command, such types were to promote others of their kind and conspire against the morally and spiritually superior men they despise.”

― Michael Tsarion, The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume One

MUSING: Not sure if, as civilizations materialized and grew, that this was the beginning of sociopaths and psychopaths rise to power, but it would make sense that the greediest, and most ego filled ambitious and driven people rose to the top by stepping on many others. When you look at the Walmart’s and Dare I say Alibaba’s (and our own…) of the world today it’s not a long stretch to see how they grew into near monopolies…And then we put them on pedestals, they become our heroes, people to look up to and then this trend continues and worsens, and the rich just keep on getting richer…

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β€œAs we mentioned in the introduction of this book, human beings are finally ready for the truth concerning their origins and destiny. Scientific data long suppressed confirms advanced civilizations existed in prehistoric times. Additionally, leading scientists have found evidence showing that incomprehensibly violent global cataclysms occurred in the not too distant past. We emphasize that this havoc had severe consequences for consciousness. The damage done was internal as much as external. These are the facts. Whether the reader accepts them or not has little bearing on the situation.”

― Michael Tsarion, Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation MUSING: I also muse about this in Book Deux (Out now!) and the possible relationship between our baptism and the whole flood cataclysm of 12000 years ago. I could go on, but will now share amazing articles!

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0DrgduMD60 (2h35m)

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