Q and the New age, a hidden agenda, by Alex Stensberg

Here is another great sample and contributor to my third book, C@vid Me, and the technocracy available here: (www.amazon.com/author/stephanestpierre)

Could it be possible that there is a hidden agenda behind the Q Anon and New Age movement?

Could what they claim is going to happen be completely true but at the same time not be the entire picture?

Could the new age ascension actually be about merging humans with artificial intelligence?

I don’t trust the New Age and Q Anon anymore and I’ll tell you why.

Edward Riordan is a very experienced remote viewer who did some RV sessions on what Q Anon is and who is behind it in 2018 (he did the target blind which means he had no idea what the target was at the time). I will post the sessions below and highly encourage everyone to check them out for themselves (just the first 10 minutes of each video).[1]

I won’t go into the details here because there are 8 sessions and this could easily get very lengthy. But some of what he perceived was that Q Anon is a group of very wealthy individuals that have been developing some incredibly advanced technology who want to use this technology to change the world and essentially create a new one.

These people were waiting for some large world event to take place which would allow them to commence their plan of taking down the deep state and then REPLACE them with this new technology to govern people. That event is what is happening NOW.

Edward was able to describe some sort of flash of radiation that sweeps over the planet and changes people. It sounds almost exactly like the solar flash that people in the new age movement are talking about. He says that after it, people will no longer feel like they are human.

And from there the world changes. Free energy technologies, new economic system, new medical system, restoration of the Earth’s environment, humans tapping into their creative potential, certain criminals getting arrested and much more. The golden age. I’m all for this shift, as it’s desperately needed right now. However, there was more that came with it.

Everything (including humans) was connected to the 5G grid, which is now being put into place as we speak. This satellite grid could scan all things, including humans and their thoughts. Everything was tracked, monitored and controlled. People’s thoughts were able to be directly influenced by this technology.

This might sound like science fiction, but it’s not. This has been the whole point of 5G+ all along.

Did you ever notice that Q never gives an answer as to what will be replacing the deep state?

Did you ever notice that Q never has anything bad to say about 5G?

If you look around the world right now since this plandemic started, you can see this coming.

Drones are now surveilling us, AI robots are now being used publicly to surveil us (SPOT), New Zealand just welcomed their first AI member onto their police force, talk of smart cities, facial recognition cameras are being rolled out everywhere and new laws are getting passed to use them more copiously. 5G has been getting rolled out at an alarming rate, along with Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites.

Microsoft patent #060606 was just released which has the potential to hook people up to the 5G grid system and not allow them to buy or sell unless they are part of the system (mark of the beast.)

In the book of revelation, it describes the second beast (beast of the Earth) being the one that gives its mark. We are still in the first beast system (beast of the sea), although it is currently being dismantled. The new system (second beast) will be the antichrist who attempts to give us its mark and enslave us.

It is said that the antichrist will bring about world peace, great signs and miracles and obtain the kingdom through the flattery of people. Could this be referring to the new age system and AI technology?

2 Corinthians 11:14

“And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”

The bible says that during the end times, there will be a grand deception by the antichrist.

Could this system we are moving into be one of Satan, the false light?

Have you ever noticed that so called “ascension symptoms” actually match up perfectly with 5G radiation symptoms? (Headaches, cold/flu like symptoms, ringing in the ears, weird sleep patterns, etc.).

In New Age there is the notion that after the ascension humans will be in a oneness state, be able to communicate telepathically and have many other advanced abilities. Well the transhumanists are saying the same exact thing will be possible once humans are fully merged with machines.

If humans are all connected to the grid system, we will all essentially be one hive mind coming into oneness. Elon Musk just stated in his recent Joe Rogan interview that soon humans will be able to communicate telepathically through Neuralink. Here is one of the interviews, not sure if it is this one: [2]

Could these be coincidences? They definitely could be, but I’m asking you to keep an open mind to the things that are soon to come.

The Anunnaki/reptilians/Nephilim took control over this planet 300,000 years ago. They still have control. There is no information that I have found that says otherwise.

But what IS happening is the shift of one Annunaki king to another, hence the new age of Aquarius. Corona means crown in Latin.

So things are going to change drastically, but maybe not in the way that Q and New Agers/channelings are making it seem. I believe there is much more to this agenda. Aquarius represents technology and that’s what we are moving into, the digital age. (Or as Klaus Schwab from the WEF coins, the fourth industrial revolution (added by me).

Could it be possible that taking down this first beast system has been a part of the agenda the entire time so when the “good guys” come in to save the day, people are much more likely to trust them when they say they have a solution which will be their new system/technocracy?

I am starting to think that the similarities between the names 5D/5G and New Age/New World Order are not a coincidence. Could they be one in the same?

Now I’m not saying this is truth, but I’m highly suspicious of it all and it seems very likely with how everything is unfolding right now. I definitely hope I am wrong with this!

However, we need to be on guard. If this new system starts to merge humans with AI upload us into the cloud, that’s when you will know we are in trouble. Transhumanism is Luciferian at its core, no matter how they will try to sell it to us.”

-Alex Stensberg

[1] I don’t have the specific videos referenced, sorry, but here is his channel and you can see his Q videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/erviewer/videos

[2] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcYjXbSJBN8

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