Will You Join US In Correcting The Errors In The Record?

Will be sharing more and more about Common Law and escaping the Matrix in the coming months, follow me to stay in touch!

Freedom must first come through the heart and mind!

Breaking News!!

There are rallies and people marching world wide wide today, November 20, 2021, apparently in man’s quest for freedom.

Food for thought;

Freedom “fighters” we ask you:

What exactly does freedom mean to you?

In order to experience life in freedom do we first have to free our mind of incongruent thinking and recognize inconstant actions based on past programming?

Do you know that we are in fact involved in fraud by going to work and collecting a pay-check and depositing it in a “charter bank”? Are you interested in learning more about this? [more about this later]

Have you ever wondered why Supreme Court Rulings do not actually result in policy changes in legislation supporting what “We The People” are wanting?

Are the Legislators acting in the best interest of the people? These “freedom rallies clearly indicate that…

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