The Cult that controls the world

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Litteral Truth

By John Litteral

I have started reading a book called “The Beast Who Once Was” by author Chris Relitz. On page 9 he made a statement that is very similar to what I noticed as I began to study this Cult, Global Cabal that has hijacked the world. Chris said,

“The next, which was very alarming, is that the Mason’s stated goals compare directly to Bible prophecy. What the Bible warns about happening during the end times, the Freemasons seemed to be trying to make it happen!”1

This has been one of the motivations behind my desire to write another book, which I did and just published (The Antichrist and his Cult), so that I can present how the more that you learn about the Cult and their agenda, the more you will begin to understand Biblical prophecy and its proper context. This article is an introduction…

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