Are Our Thoughts Always Ours?


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What makes us feel bad?

Raymond shared a valuable message written by Premlatha Rajkumar on Facebook and the dialogue is relevant for everyone that finds themselves in a situation that does not feel good and are looking for a remedy:

“ARE YOU WILLING TO ‘SWITCH ON’ THE LIGHT? In a dark room if you ‘switch on’ the light, the darkness disappears. In the same way when you are in the dark with low frequency thoughts of anger, guilt, shame, hatred, or fear, you can switch on the light of peace, kindness, harmony, and fun. The ‘switch’ is the willingness to drop the thoughts of low frequency and become more loving towards yourself. Know that low frequency, or darkness is created only by thoughts, you are much more powerful than your thoughts. It is possible to ‘switch on’ to thoughts of higher frequencies of love, peace, and kindness. Have you noticed…

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