The people’s abusive relationship with mainstream media

Hegelian Dialectic, and Stockholm Syndrome playing out again and again…and again…

Litteral Truth

By John Litteral


I find myself going back and forth emotionally thinking that the masses are starting to see the light and figure out that the media is completely untrustworthy but then realizing it has been a game of one step forward three steps back, over and over again. It is like having a friend who has been in a long abusive relationship, and after trying to help that friend for years, who knows that their abuser has constantly lied to them and done nothing but keep them in fear, and once you think you have helped that friend make the right decision to get out of that abusive relationship and it appears that the friend has experienced that straw that broke the camel’s back, all it took was just another exaggerated set of lies to suck that friend right back into the abusive arms of that parasite. The…

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