CONSPIRACY HISTORY: The Committee of 300 (Fritz Springmeier)

Litteral Truth

By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(9 MAR ’22)

This post provides additional info beyond what I’ve previously written about the Committee of 300. The public first learned of the Committee in 1909 from an article by Walter Rathenau. (A)

OVERVIEW. This committee made important decisions for the Illuminati during the 20th century. It was preceded by the British East India Co.’s Council of 300. And it has been in recent years downgraded & supplanted by other organizations. (B) A retired intelligence officer told me that Intel officers when needing to refer to it would call it “Force X”.

PURPOSE & SCOPE. The Committee’s scope of influence was quite broad as it contained many Illuminati kingpins w/ power in many areas. Like Bilderberg delegates, the committee members are in lots of areas of human activity. The purpose of the Committee was similar to the Bilderbergers; it gave a voice to all the…

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