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Litteral Truth

Excerpts from video by David Icke…

“But, see, we’ve been kidded, because the One Percent, if you break it down and you do the research, the One Percent are actually behind capitalism cartel-ism, and also behind socialism. So, what they do is they move between two apparent opposites, to give people the idea that they’ve got choice, and to play people off against each other, ‘I am a capitalist,’ ‘I am a socialist,’ when all the time the same One Percent, as we call it today, has control of both socialist societies, and so-called capitalist societies.”

“So, it’s all about ‘isms’ you see. Everyone must have an ‘ism.’ And what are ‘isms’? They are ideologies. And what are ideologies, except prison cells for the mind and the prison cells for human society, because an ‘ism,’ an ideology, basically says everything, every situation, every problem has to be filtered through the…

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