ILLUMINATI INFLUENCE & CONTROL OF ISLAM: a short systematic overview.

CONCLUSION. The Islamic World just like Christendom can be manipulated in these apocalyptic end times.

Litteral Truth

By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(24 APR ’22)

I first knew that the Illuminati have had power & influence in the Moslem world, before I learned the details of how they do it. You may too. For instance, this last Jan., George Soros tried to pull off a color revolution in Kazakhstan (called “Bloody January”) which failed due to Putin; but how, you ask, did Illum. mmbr. George Soros do this? This post is an updated revision of my information I wrote years ago looking at the global elite’s control & influence in Muslim nations.

ROCKEFELLER & SOROS CONCERNS BUY INFLUENCE. When the Soviet Union fell apart, Rockefeller & Soros men & foundations poured into the Islamic nations: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, & Kazakhstan. The Tajikistan (A) & Uzbekistan govt’s accused Soros’ Open Society Foundations of stirring up revolution. In Apr. 2004, Uzbekistan shut Soros’ foundation down.

BLOODY JANUARY. In Kazakhstan there were…

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