Why there’s so much compliance to authority

If you are an order follower and never take a moment to think for yourself and understand if the orders you are following are causing more harm than good, you are THE PROBLEM…

Litteral Truth

By John Litteral

As we look at what is going on in the world today it is obvious that people have been deceived and conditioned into believing that obedience and compliance to the ruling class are signs of virtuous and high moral standards, and those who questions authority and choose to not comply in submissive obedience are immoral, and often looked at as being uneducated and foolish. And the key to understanding why such a large amount of the population believe that obedience and compliance to authority is true morality, it is important to understand that the educational system, from the beginning of government education in America and other places was specifically designed to produce obedient slave-minded people that cannot think for themselves.

“Originally when standardized curriculums became a thing in the 1800s there was this key figure named Horace Mann, and he adopted the model that the Prussians were…

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The Role of Secret Organizations (Bilderberg, CFR, etc.)

More on global control and dominance…

Litteral Truth

By John Litteral

Independent researcher David Icke says “The Round Table created a series of cusp organization satellites which include the following: Royal Institute of International Affairs (also known as Chatham House) in London (1920); Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York (1921); Bilderberg Group (1954); Club of Rome (1968); and the Trilateral Commission (1972).” 1[David Icke, pg. 7] It is through organizations such as these that the agenda of the Global Cabal, that is, the Global Network (that some call the Illuminati, Global Elite, The One Percent, Globalists, etc.), first gets passed through the secret societies, that is, first through the most hidden that almost nobody has even heard of, then onto those societies that are very secretive but are known, such as the Knights Templar, Freemasons, Knights of Malta, etc., and the agenda then is carried out through the secret organizations. It is then from these…

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Covid Unites Humanity Against Its Common Enemy

Good article! By Henry Makow (Written Dec. 5, 2021) The enemy is not racial or sexual minorities or Liberal dupes. The central bankers organize and fund them to undermine society.  The enemy is the central banking cartel and its agents – Freemasonry and Organized Jewry, including Communism and Zionism.by Henry Makow PhD Will covid bring …

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Great post to better understand the control structure of Prison-Plane(t) Earth!

Litteral Truth


“Although the brotherhood of Masonry appears to be relatively new, it is in reality the oldestcontinuous network on the planet, dating back many thousands of years, beginning when stones were first dressed. Masonry today has agenerally sinister reputation, because the people suspect that this powerful brotherhood has beenmanipulating and exploiting them. However, the average Mason has never been ‘in theknow’ and is, therefore, merely a memberof a social club. Nevertheless, the higher-ups haveindeed had their hand in creation on this planet on a large scale for a long time … The Masons are there, perpetually hidden behind the scenes, leavingclues to their existence as a brotherhood, some of which are evident yet still not seen. For example, the biblical Nimrod, the king who built the tower of Babel, is considered the first Mason.”-Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (238-9)

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New World Order and Depopulation

Very important knowledge to understand what’s going on now!!!

Litteral Truth

By John Litteral


I wrote at length on the New World Order in my last book (Click here to get my books for free). Among the explanations I shared, I still find the most straight forward description comes from Ken Adachi, referred to and quoted by Jim Marrs…

“After viewing the progression of recent history, (Ken) saw the term ‘New World Order’ as signifying ‘a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an extremely powerful and influential group of genetically-related individuals (at least at the highest echelons) which include many of the world’s wealthiest people, top political leaders, and corporate elite, as well as members of the so-called Black Nobility of Europe (dominated by the British Crown) whose goal is to create a One World (fascist) Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda. Their intention is to effect complete and total…

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The Cult that controls the world

Great post as usual!

Litteral Truth

By John Litteral

I have started reading a book called “The Beast Who Once Was” by author Chris Relitz. On page 9 he made a statement that is very similar to what I noticed as I began to study this Cult, Global Cabal that has hijacked the world. Chris said,

“The next, which was very alarming, is that the Mason’s stated goals compare directly to Bible prophecy. What the Bible warns about happening during the end times, the Freemasons seemed to be trying to make it happen!”1

This has been one of the motivations behind my desire to write another book, which I did and just published (The Antichrist and his Cult), so that I can present how the more that you learn about the Cult and their agenda, the more you will begin to understand Biblical prophecy and its proper context. This article is an introduction…

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God’s Law is designed to destroy the New World Order!

Good stuff as usual, about theft, what about stealing from corporations that have been stealing from us since their inception? I feel that is a little more blurry, a little like Robin Hood, what do you think about this?

Litteral Truth

By John Litteral

The message that I have tried to give in my new book (The Antichrist and his Cult), is that the Achilles Heel of this Cult and their agenda is an enlightened population. A population that knows the difference between right and wrong. A population of individuals that know that they are sovereign beings. A population that knows what the meaning of a right is. A population that knows that they will reap what they sew. A population that embraces the Golden Rule to treat others the way that they themselves want to be treated. The Cult knows, and has known for millenniums, that God has created the universe and this reality with a set of spiritual and moral behavioral laws which govern entire populations. This law of God is binding, and it is the key to whether a population experiences freedom or enslavement. Mark Passio…

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Unity or Mass Genocide

Good stuff as usual, I couldn’t get into your bible series, being a past Catholic, and now more of a sovereign human hoping to unite humanity in its glory, and not suffer from the fools that seem to be increasing in number at the moment, thinking, as you say, that compliance will bring an end to Tyranny, keep up the awakening, we so need it today!

Litteral Truth

By John Litteral

Having over 25 years of experience as a Christian, I have seen the lack of unity amongst Christians to say the least. Regrettably I spent a portion of my Christian experience being part of the problem by allowing myself to fall for the divide and conquer tactic of unnecessary “binding” dogmas and doctrines.

There are over forty-five thousand different Christian denominations in the world today all basically using the same book (Bible) but finding enough differences to separate themselves from one another. Now, I personally have no problem with different Christian traditions and people having different perspectives that vary with one-another. I actually think it can be a beautiful thing when Christians can come together and bring something different to the table and share those things with one another. Unfortunately, that rarely happens because the disunity that vehemently divides usually exists by design by the Dark Occultists…

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Will You Join US In Correcting The Errors In The Record?

Will be sharing more and more about Common Law and escaping the Matrix in the coming months, follow me to stay in touch!

Freedom must first come through the heart and mind!

Breaking News!!

There are rallies and people marching world wide wide today, November 20, 2021, apparently in man’s quest for freedom.

Food for thought;

Freedom “fighters” we ask you:

What exactly does freedom mean to you?

In order to experience life in freedom do we first have to free our mind of incongruent thinking and recognize inconstant actions based on past programming?

Do you know that we are in fact involved in fraud by going to work and collecting a pay-check and depositing it in a “charter bank”? Are you interested in learning more about this? [more about this later]

Have you ever wondered why Supreme Court Rulings do not actually result in policy changes in legislation supporting what “We The People” are wanting?

Are the Legislators acting in the best interest of the people? These “freedom rallies clearly indicate that…

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