Deep ecology and my initial awakening (pt 3)

Cadets and survival training and my very first awakening In my early teens, I joined the Navy Cadets, as my father kind of ‘encouraged’ me to ‘enlist’, because he believed I needed more discipline in my life. I was very much a dreamer… I was also quite smart, just not that organized. He thought Cadets …

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Teaching lightworkers about online marketing

Money is not the problem, our ideas and thoughts about Money are. Gandhi stated that we must be the change we wish to see in this world. In a world filled with distractions of all sorts, Instagram here, A vine video here, Facebook Status here, new tv show that reaches out to you personally there, many Difference Makers have trouble getting any traction online or offline. So how do we change their often lofty ideals on how to change the world, and their negative mindsets towards the evil of money.