Facebook has suspended my accounts

I feelz you, I’ve had pages deleted with 77000 followers, and my own profile was deleted about 2 years ago, right at the beginning of the plandemic, and I too think they should be hung in public, every last resetter, needs to be reset… PLEASE SHARE MY BLOG TOO!

Litteral Truth

I just want to let my subscribers know that Facebook has suspended both of my Facebook accounts. They suspended one account because I replied to a post about Satan Klaus Schwab, and i said that people like him need to be hung. Something about those who commit crimes against humanity and genocide and push totalitarianism for the New World Order brings that spirit of justice out of me. Facebook appears to have taken the time to find my other account and they suspended it as well. Every time I make videos and blog pages, I usually share them on Facebook and the group pages I joined. It usually helps reach additional people with important content that most people need to hear. If you have a Facebook account and if you find my blog pages interesting, then if you don’t mind then please share the information that you feel people can…

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