Litteral Truth

By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(15 APR ’22)

There is a growing awareness & uneasiness among members of the LDS Mormon church that their leadership is Illuminati. Many are leaving. What’s the relationship between their hierarchy & the Illuminati?? In my Bloodlines book, I documented that the Mormon leadership, incl. Joseph Smith, Jr., were of the Illuminati’s “holy” Merovingian bloodline (& were aware of it) and into witchcraft. They wanted to create a Christianized restoration of the mystery religions; the Illuminati is the cont. of the mystery religions. These Mormon Merovingians’ new religion was joined by major Illuminati bloodlines (Russell, Taft, Plantagenet), & minor ones (Eccles, Hamptons & many others).

This post is a brief look at 6 services the LDS church provides to the Illuminati, & then looks at early, later, & modern Rothschild financing of the church.

6 MAJOR SERVICES. The six services that the LDS provides the Illuminati…

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